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  • Access user base of India’s largest crypto community and cryptocurrency exchange directly from our platform
  • Become a pioneer in India’s largest crypto adoption movement – #TRYCRYPTO INITIATIVE
  • Have a separate author box with your profile links, add more followers, and become a role model for numerous. 
  • We will be partnering with universities, campuses, and companies. Your content will directly reach the top global universities and corporations. 
  • Become a part of a network of global crypto mentors and grow your influence together. 


Our world is facing inevitable technological innovation and disruption. What separates DCX Learn from other educational platforms is that the knowledge bank we have developed for the learners is completely unique. Henceforth, we accept only unique content. We receive content in bulk and therefore, a large number of submissions get rejected due to two primary reasons – the topic has been already covered in the academy or the submission was not up to DCX Learn’s standards. If our editors have said no multiple times, it may mean your submission wasn’t a good fit for our audience. If we are not able to publish what you’ve submitted, please try again with another idea and with a stronger structure. 


You may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions to refine the content for the global audience. This is how we and you will grow together in fulfilling our objectives. Our mentors like the extra attention we give to them with our feedback.


We retain final decision rights over headlines. Our editors have spent years learning which kinds of headlines the cryptocurrency industry reads, found online, and shared both on social media and in offices around the world. If we rewrite your title, it’s because we believe the revised version will help your idea reach the audience it deserves.


DCX Learn will continue to own the copyrights of the final product. In case you own the copyright of the submission, there is no need for Copyright transfer. It will be published on DCX Learn only after your voluntary submission and agreement of publishing from both the parties. Adding to this, you completely own the rights to your ideas. 


We will be only publishing your submission if it adheres to the aforementioned guidelines and qualities. For the purposes of clarity to both parties, any variation of our terms must be agreed prior to publication and shall be subject to the approval of the from our team. 


If you wish to discuss a variation of the terms and conditions or you have any other queries, please contact [email protected]