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DCX Learn has envisioned a prodigious revolution to establish blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption around the world. We are lifelong committed to actualize this vision and it is only possible when mentors like you will join us to spread the word and educate the mass. We welcome contributions from readers, on any topics related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We have created specific categories to enable readers to gain basic knowledge and then specialize on a path, learning from the contributor’s expertise. 


Here is what our editors look for in contributed content (and we want to avoid.)

Uniqueness – Search the website for the categories you’re interested in producing content about. That way you’ll know how to make your piece unique. Please don’t submit a piece you submitted already with just a few tweaks added. 

No Promotions – Articles are a way to bolster your credibility as a mentor, a thought leader and an expert. Please use more than one example of a good company doing good things to illustrate your point (i.e., avoid any press-release-type promotion of one business that reads like ad content). We are open to demonstrate and educate the audience about the partnered projects but for this, the contributor’s firm needs to be in direct partnership with us. 

No paid links or mentions: This is a serious violation of our standards. Any content given in exchange for compensation of any kind from a 3rd party will result in deactivation from our site. Please disclose any kind of partnership or agreement you have for the companies you mention in your submissions.

Trustworthy resources: Embed links to original sources of information (studies, stats, etc.). Anecdotes, quotes, academic/think tank studies, data points. These must all be sourced or linked to their sources.

Correct length: Written content typically runs for about 700-1,000 words. Lengthier detailed pieces that run over 1,500 words are welcome and will do better in search.

Originality: We tend to only accept original copy that is exclusive to DCX Learn. We are open to accepting content written by you on your personal channels but the content shouldn’t be plagiarized or copied from other third-party sources. Plagiarism will result in removal from the platform.

Appropriate sourcing of quotes: This means that quotes should be attributed to a source and the speaker both.
For eg.:
Sumit Gupta told the Cointelegraph, “Crypto has the potential to take India closer to its goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy.”

Proofreading and spell-check the document: Spell check and grammar check before submitting it. Please don’t make us do these. Check the spelling of individuals and company names. Make sure to confirm facts with several sources.

Photos: You can insert an image if it is taken or designed by you or your company. Otherwise, don’t put any images. We can’t put any images designed by other parties. 


Here are qualities we look in you to qualify you as a contributor:

Expertise – You don’t need to have mastery over a topic to write for us but we make sure that you know significantly enough about the topic. 

Evidence – Please provide us evidence of your past work, blogs, articles, websites, or work experience which proves your expertise. If it’s your first time, contact us and we will evaluate through direct conversation. 

Originality – New ideas are always welcome. DCX Learn is going to be a bank of knowledge, ideas, and innovations. If you think you can bring rare and precious ideas, we will welcome you with open arms. 

Impactful – We evaluate our mentors based on the impact they are producing in the cryptocurrency space and on DCX Learn. The content you produce should be influential, inspirational, and enlightening for the audience.