DCX Learn

Basics of Cryptocurrency

Becoming an expert in the cryptocurrency space and making your first investment in Bitcoin is as easy as attending a webinar! Now learning all about the new kid in the FinTech sector; Cryptocurrency; in just a click away. This series of 16 modules are carefully curated to help you take one step at a time, towards understanding the crypto space. Enjoy!

Module 1 : Introduction

Module 2 : What are Cryptocurrencies?

Module 3 : Crypto Assets vs. Traditional Assets

Module 4 : Cryptocurrency as a Market

Module 5 : Crypto Economics

Module 6 : Factors Affecting Price Movements

Module 7 : Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Module 8 : How to participate in the Market?

Module 9 : Crypto Investors vs. Crypto Traders

Module 10 : Methods of Trading

Module 11 : Algo and Automated Trading

Module 12 : Trading Time Frames

Module 13 : Trading instruments in crypto asset trading

Module 14 : Technical Analysis overview

Module 15 : Market Trends

Module 16 : Data representation